The Most Complete Real Estate Investing Software

Having the right tool for the job gives you the best chance for success and an advantage over your competition.

We provide the technology that allows you to be ready at every stage of the real estate investing cycle.

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FlipFinder Features

Unlock the software that allows you to flip your first (or next) house. The FlipFinder Software comes stock with features like:

Nationwide Leads
8 Lead Types
Direct Mail Engine
Comping Tools
Deal Analyzer


Upgrade your lead generation experience with advanced search tools. Leadpipes allows you to access:

Nationwide Lifetime Access to over 148,000,000 properties (Including 8 Different Lead Types)
All Deed, Mortgage, Legal Information
Search by Owner and Property Types
Access “People Data” like Private Lenders, Renters, and Cash Buyers
Built in “Automated Valuation Modeling” for an accurate value of properties you’re looking to buy and sell.

Ai Sellability Scores

Our software scores each property with 3 Sellability Scores ranging from 0 - 1,000:


Ideal for wholesalers, fix & flippers, and discount property investors. Indicates property’s propensity to sell at a discount.


Ideal for landlords and investors expanding their rental portfolio, indicating the property's potential for rental use.


Ideal for residential real estate agents, brokers, and investors with agent partnerships. Indicates the property’s propensity to sell in the next 90 days.

OUr Numbers

More Engaged & Receptive Leads

Laser focus on only those leads who will be most receptive to your message and services.

Increase in

seller response rate when marketing to Ai Scored leads versus marketing to a general list of leads.

More likely to sell

in the next 90 days when comparing a property with an Ai score of 1000 to a property that scored 500.

What Our Users Say

Real Feedback from Those Thriving on AI-Powered Insights!

Marketing Tools

Tools designed to automate your inbound marketing strategy, deliver more leads, and increase profits.


Instantly search for seller, buyer, and private lender leads.

Direct Mail

Automated single-step and multi-touch direct mail campaigns.


Build Superlists of hyper-targeted leads so you’re always marketing to the right people at the right time.

Email Marketing

Automated email messages keep contacts consistently engaged and increase conversion.

Marketing Library

A full suite of real estate marketing materials.


Forms and widgets capture opt-in data on existing websites.

Property Listings

Automatically create property-specific listing pages when you’re ready to sell.

Skip Tracing

Get your lead's phone numbers quickly and affordably. Simply select your leads and receive any available phone numbers within minutes. Skip trace your leads for just 12¢ per hit.

Direct Mail

Effortlessly send direct mail campaigns with our in-app engine. Our library includes proven campaigns with responsive letters, yellow letters, and postcards. We handle printing, stuffing, stamping, and sending for you.

Business Tools

Tools designed to accelerate your business and give you more time to do the things you love.


Repair estimates and rehab plans without the contractor.

Deal Analyzer

You tell us what you know, we tell you if it’s a good deal


Your virtual filing cabinet organizes contacts, properties, and much more.


Build free real estate comp reports with a single click.

Paperless Office

Manage all inbound and outbound paperwork electronically.

Power Linking

Grant access to those involved in handling your deals.

Smooth Fax

Inbound and outbound fax management without the machine.

Access Essential Data

Comping Engine

Easily access the critical information you need to analyze your next deal for every property, nationwide. Having access to the data you need means smarter decisions and better deals.

Access On-Market Properties

20+ Filters
Generate professional comparable sales reports
Use interactive map for birds eye view or street view

Options for All Investors

Real Results, Real Reviews

Turning Real Estate Ambitions into Achievements.

"The data are extremely accurate.Would highly recommend to all investor types."

Tom Losch

"They provide you with all the necessary tools and make the process seamless and easy to understand."

4 Horse Properties, LLC

"Look forward to allowing this platform to do all the heavy lifting for us as we getting further into our investing careers."

Mission Property Group

"This is a top notch program! Thrilled to have such a great system at my fingertips."


"I can gather all of my information on a property, and do most of my due diligence all in one spot. Love it!"


"This whole suite of systems in one is amazing and powerful for anyone in the real estate investment industry."

Lee Powell

"These kind of features and ease of use make my investment and business experience above my expectation."

Kamal Abdallah

"The most comprehensive system for running and growing your real estate business."

Planetary Home Rehabilitators

Vp of Marketing
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